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What to expect when visiting 

What’s the service like?

We consider our service to be informal, allowing each person to experience God in

their own personal way. Our worship service is designed to allow you to draw

close to God through music, giving, fellowship, preaching and prayer:

Music – Our worship team, seeks God’s direction on the song selection each week. The music is selected based on the scripture passages that will be used by the Pastor that week. The

music is a blend between the classic Baptist Hymns like Amazing Grace, the Old Rugged

Cross, How Great Thou Art, and others; and contemporary songs heard on

Christian Radio today. The Worship team’s primary goal is to lead the

congregation in praising God through song.

Preaching – Pastor Don uses “expository preaching”

style to share God’s word with the congregation. Expository preaching is

reading God’s word and then explaining the topics addressed. Pastor Don

typically gives background on the scripture, explains the meaning of the

passages, and then provides application for use today. Pastor Don uses the New

International Version text when reading the scriptures, but he also enjoys reading

from the English Standard Version (ESV), King James Version (KJV), New American

Standard Bible (NASB) and the Christian Standard Bible (CSB).

Prayer – As the service comes to an end, Pastor Don will

challenge the congregation with an alter call. This is a time for all to

reflect on the message, and how they need to respond. The invitation is for all

to come to the front if they want to pray, talk with the Pastor, or announce a

decision to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, be baptized, or join the


How do people normally dress?

We do not have a formal dress attire. Please dress casual and comfortable.


How long is the service?

Service begins at 11:00 am and usually ends around 12:00 noon.


What about kids?

During service, parents of infants are welcome to keep your child in the service or

use our “comfort room” which has a window to view into the service area along

with a speaker system to hear the message. For preschool aged children, we provide

care which includes a bible story and lesson, snack and play time.





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